Ask a Foster Care Adoption Lawyer in Charleston, SC About the Advantages You May Have When Adopting

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There are many reasons why someone might want to open up their home to children in the foster care system. Maybe they themselves were in the system at a young age, they never had children of their own but love kids, or they have a desire and the extra means to care for someone else’s child. From when a child first enters a foster home, all parties understand that it’s just a temporary living situation in which a foster parent or family provides a caring and nurturing environment, until the foster child is either returned to their biological parents or they get adopted.

Fortunately, there are times when a strong bond is formed between a foster family and a foster child. If someone wants to make the child a permanent member of their family, then they can petition to do so through what is called foster child adoption.

Let’s ask a foster care adoption lawyer in Charleston, SC about the advantages you may have as a current foster parent or foster family when it comes to adopting a child you are already fostering.

The child is already in your home

Whether the relationship has lasted for two weeks or two years, it’s more than possible for a foster parent and foster child to make a strong connection with one another. After all, a child has been living under the same roof as their foster family and experiencing their dynamics, feeling their feelings and benefiting from the same parental love and protection. So, if a child in foster care is in a home with folks who love them and want to adopt them, and the child has responded positively to the thought, then maybe they should be a part of that family.

Foster parents are familiar with the system

Not only are foster parents familiar with how the system works, which means they’ve got a leg up to begin with, but they also have a big advantage simply by already being a part of the foster care system. For a better understanding, if a typical family wanted to adopt, they would first have to apply to become adoptive parents through a long process that likely includes training classes, home studies and extensive background checks. Foster families are in the system, and therefore, can help move the process along more quickly.

There’s no one else to care for the child

Sometimes, a child is in foster care because their biological parent or guardian has died. These cases call for foster care adoption situations, with the hope that the family will adopt. But before moving forward with the adoption process, the courts and the foster care system need to be absolutely sure there is no one else out there with legal rights to care for the child. Bonding with and becoming attached to a foster family only to be separated from them could be extremely traumatizing to the child.

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