Foreign Adoptions in Mount Pleasant, SC

Foreign Services

At Lister Law Office, we understand the importance of having your beloved child made a legal citizen in the United States. Going through the legal process of foreign adoption can seem daunting and overwhelming but we are here to help alleviate some of that stress. Having an attorney who is well versed in adoption law, particularly foreign adoption, is very important.

Initial Steps For Foreign Adoption

The first place to start with a foreign adoption in South Carolina is through the Family Court. A Certified Adoption Investigator will come and perform a homestudy in your home. Various important forms must be filled out by you and/or your attorney to ensure proper adoption of your child.

Domestication of Foreign Adoption

Important Documents Needed for Foreign Adoption DomesticationAccording to S.C. Adoption Code 63-9-910 & 44-63-140

  • Original copy of the Decree of Adoption issued by the foreign country certified in the English language
  • All documentation showing that the child was adopted from the respective foreign country
  • Immigration and Naturalization Service Documents
  • The Child’s Naturalization Papers (Certificate of Citizenship or US Passport)
  • Post foreign adoption report completed by a Certified Adoption Investigator

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