A Foster Care Adoption Lawyer in Summerville, SC Dispels Some Common Myths

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As a foster care adoption lawyer in Summerville, SC, we frequently meet clients who are hesitant to adopt the foster children in their care or currently in the system. That is due to the many misconceptions surrounding foster care adoption and the children available through this system. Here are the most common myths surrounding foster care adoption that may be stopping you from taking this compassionate approach to adding to your family:

  • Biological parents interfere: You will likely never associate with the biological parents until your child is an adult and chooses to seek them out. It is common for adopted children to investigate their background, so you likely expect that development. However, that contact is unlikely when your children are still minors. When children in the foster system are considered eligible for adoption, the birth parents no longer have a right to petition for their return. Foster care adoption is permanent, and due to the circumstances surrounding these kids, it is often unquestionable, too.
  • Children in foster care are hard to handle and/or juvenile delinquents: This is an unfair judgment that tends to survive despite rarely being true. Children enter the system through no fault of their own, and through all the faults of their parents. Neglect, abuse or abandonment are the most common reasons why children are in the foster system, and it is easy to see how that is not due to anything they deserve. You may come across young teenagers with juvenile records or previous trouble. However, many of those issues resolve once they receive a stable environment and a chance to thrive.
  • Adoption is expensive: The cost of a foster care adoption is frequently no more than $1,500. Many times, benefit programs cover the cost, and you can receive a stipend if you adopt a child with special needs or other unique conditions. You also receive state and federal tax credits and assistance in paying for college.
  • Single parents cannot adopt: Just because you are not married does not mean you cannot give a foster child a home. All 50 states allow single individuals to adopt. In fact, 30 percent of foster children find new homes with single parents and do quite well.
  • The system is burdensome and uncooperative: The foster care system is complex, but it can be navigated. In fact, if you think about it, there are very few state or federal agencies that do not stubbornly adhere to antiquated and confusing methods which seem incomprehensible to the citizens they serve. There will be rules, procedures, delays and even times when you can barely receive a response. However, the foster system employs dedicated professionals who want the best for children and are willing to answer your questions and help you complete an adoption.

If you are considering adoption of any type, you can contact Lister Law Office to speak with a foster care adoption lawyer in Summerville, SC. We look forward to scheduling your consultation and getting you started on adoption.

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