Why Birth Parents Need an Adoption Attorney in Summerville, SC

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There are few decisions more agonizing than the one to give up a child for adoption. Even when you know it is the best course of action and may already have good adoptive parents picked out, regret is strong and emotions run high. That is why birth parents benefit from an adoption attorney in Summerville, SC during this heart-wrenching time. Here are six reasons why birth parents need their own attorney:

  • Prevent coercion: It is not uncommon for birth parents to be pressured into adoption due to their own challenging circumstances. Even if you feel you can parent your child, you may hear dissenting voices and go along with them just to keep peace. Decisions that are not truly yours are later regretted. When you have legal representation, you receive guidance to make informed decisions and avoid being coerced into a course of action you do not want to take.
  • Find prospective parents: Many birth parents visit the office with prospective parents already in mind. However, some people need assistance finding them. Since we have connections with agencies and private entities that match prospective parents to birth parents, you will have a network to choose from. This can allow you more options than if you tried to do this on your own.
  • Background checks: In these private adoptions, getting access to needed records can be challenging if you do not have an attorney on your side. Our resources allow us to complete criminal background checks and sex offender registry reviews and provide other record access that will help you assess the suitability of prospective parents. It will help you rest assured that you made the best choice with the information you had available.
  • Completed procedures: The legal procedure in adoption is fairly form-based, although you still need to be in compliance with South Carolina law and court procedure. While this is routine for an adoption attorney, it is another complexity thrown at you at a time when you are making a difficult decision. When you hire our office, you know that these procedures are completed correctly.
  • Assistance with disputes: If you are a birth father who contests the adoption, you are in for an uphill battle, but for many, it is worth the try. You require legal assistance if you decide to take that course of action. The same is true if you change your mind before the adoption is complete. While we take steps to assure that you are solid in this decision and are unlikely to go back on it, you need representation if that ends up being the case, since that can be another difficult battle.
  • Assure expenses are paid: There are cases where prospective parents cover both the medical expenses of the birth mother and all legal fees. If you do not have insurance and want to be sure you do not come out of this with extensive medical bills, an attorney can make that part of the agreement.

We hope you will turn to Lister Law Office when you need an adoption attorney in Summerville, SC who assists both prospective and birth parents. Call us today to make an appointment and start the process.

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